In partnership with the client's other professionals, our firm offers holistic wealth management services that are deployed based on each client’s unique circumstances.

financial planning

Financial Statement Preparation

Cash Flow & Tax Estimates

Retirement Planning

Life Insurance Needs Analysis

Corporate Benefit Review

estate planning

Trustee Services

Estate Plan Facilitation

Coordination with Estate Planner

Family Governance & Succession

Intergenerational Wealth Transfer

legacy & philanthropy

Donor Advised Funds

Charitable Giving Planning

Strategic Legacy Planning

Business Transition Planning

Family Financial Meetings

investment management

Equity and Fixed Income

Discretionary Portfolio Management

Concentrated Stock Management

Global Investment Strategy

Proprietary Research

stacked g

alternative investments**

Direct Investment Opportunities

Private Holding Review & Oversight

Real Estate Review

Proprietary Deal Flow

Partnership with Natural Capital

accounting services

Tax Preparation & Payment Process

Tax Deferral Strategies

Tax Efficient Withdrawal Strategies

Tax Loss Harvesting Strategies

Tax Estimates & Projections

financial concierge

Credit & Lending

Asset Protection & Custody

Bill Pay

Cash Management

Consolidated Banking Relationship

corporate retirement plans

401(k) Plan Administration

Defined Benefit Planning

Actuarial & Recordkeeping Services

Statement Preparation

Regulatory Filings

Important Disclosures

The extent of the services rendered to each client relationship depends on the level of need, which is determined through our comprehensive financial planning process. Not all services will be appropriate or necessary for all clients, and the potential value and benefit of the adviser’s services will vary based upon the client’s individual investment, financial, and tax circumstances. Neither personalized nor specialized services should be construed as a guarantee of a particular outcome. Past performance does not guarantee future results. All investing comes with risk, including risk of loss.

Greenwood Gearhart, Inc. is neither a law firm or accounting firm and no services of the firm should be construed as legal or tax services. To the extent legal or tax services are required, all such services are rendered through third-party law firms or accountants and may be subject to separate and additional fees. **Alternative Investments services may be offered through Natural Capital, LP. Additional fees may apply.

Please see Greenwood Gearhart, Inc.'s Form ADV Part 2A for information on its services, fees, and related conflicts of interest.