What We Do

Professional investment advice provides strength, stability and clear direction in the complex task of portfolio management.

When personal wealth grows or retirement is on the horizon, selecting the right investment advisor is important to your future. Greenwood Gearharts’ long-term investment approach focuses on customized portfolio design. We manage each portfolio in a manner consistent with the client’s investment objectives.

A Firm Designed with the Client at the Center of Everything.
We Work for You

Our focus is squarely on your interests. We have no Wall Street parent company, quarterly profit targets, sales goals, or shareholders. Legally, we must act as fiduciaries, and in your best interests before ours.

Alignment of Interests

Our personal investments are invested alongside yours, providing for directly aligned interests. We are not salesmen, our compensation is directly tied to your success, not to the sale of products.

Transparency to Fees, Risks & Outcomes

As an alternative to difficult-to-decipher brokerage statements and hidden fees, you receive clear, concise fee and portfolio statements. You know what you own and what you pay.

Responsible Service

Your questions are paramount and our answers are timely and accurate. As a boutique firm, we seek to add value to the relationship in the way we serve you.


While you spend time accumulating assets, we spend time growing them, filtering through hundreds of investments each year to find the best long-term, value-based opportunities for your (and our) portfolio