Greenwood Group LTD. Profile

Greenwood Group LTD (GGL) provides professional Retirement Plan Design and Administration for investment clients of Greenwood Gearhart Inc., a Registered Investment Advisor. One of the few local firms to provide both services in a single relationship, businesses can establish and maintain qualified retirement plans for employees while our professional staff provides accurate allocation, timely reporting, and compliance support that requires minimal administrative effort and expense.

An Offering Truly Designed with the Small Business Owner in Mind
Plan Design

Optimize the business owner’s tax efficiency with a customized plan design

Take advantage of tax deductions via 401(k) and profit sharing contributions

Distinguish the business from competitors and attract and retain employees

Plan Adoption & Compliance

Benefit from streamlined adoption process, utilizing plan documents from a recognized industry leader

Rely on GGL professionals plus a team of ERISA attorneys to navigate the complex web of rules and regulations associated with retirement plans

Plan Administration & Reporting

Utilize GGL’s one-stop-shop for plan record keeping, testing, restatements, and Internal Revenue & Service Department of Labor filings (eg. 5500, 945, 1099)

Assist with monitoring plan investments and fulfilling fiduciary obligations through particpant and employer reports


Eliminate the confusion of selecting investments from a menu of funds Provide plan participants access to Greenwood Gearhart Inc. portfolio managers with: Experience managing through multiple investment and business cycles The Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA®) designation


■ Succinct explanation of plan features, the trustee-directed approach, and the benefits of professional investment management
■ Highlight tax benefits and the power of compounding
■ Convey the importance of a long-term approach to retirement planning
■ Encourage consultations by extending the client relationship to employees


Fees explicitly disclosed, providing for aligned interests Competitive and cost effective plan adoption, design and adminstration