Financial Planning Process

Greenwood Gearhart aims to demystify the complex topic of financial planning with our intuitive, goals-based process. We believe that a focused, straightforward plan using conservative assumptions is the most reliable way to achieve your financial goals. With Greenwood Gearhart you have a partner to periodically review and refine your goals as your financial situation evolves.


Together we identify your goals and plan with your future in mind. Our initial conversation focuses on what you want to achieve and the resources that are available to you.


Our job is to help you prepare for what may lie ahead. Once we have gathered all pertinent data, we analyze your financial picture and build in factors that may apply today, five years from now or thirty-five years from now.


We help you manage known risks with intent. Investment, tax management, inflation, spending, premature death, disability and long-term care are all risk factors that we review and analyze.


We take an objective approach to tailor your plan to your unique facts and circumstances. As soon as we prepare an analysis, we meet with you to interactively review and refine your plan.


A plan is only as good as the action we take. In partnership with you, we follow a formal implementation process to deploy the tactics we have identified to accomplish your goals.


We help you gauge success based on your unique goals.

Monitor & Adapt

We follow a periodic review process, which will allow us to update your facts and adjust as necessary. Flexibility is a critical element of any plan.

  • Goal Summary
  • Personal Balance Sheet and Net Worth
  • Personal Income Statement
  • Savings Strategy
  • Education Analysis
  • Compensation Analysis
  • Collaboration with your legal, tax, banking and insurance professionals
  • Insurance Inventory and Analysis
  • Retirement Distribution Chart
  • Charitable Giving & Legacy Planning
  • Social Security Analysis
  • Health Care Expense Analysis
  • Long-Term Care Needs Analysis
  • Estate Analysis