At Greenwood Gearhart, we understand the complexities of handling wealth.  At the onset of our relationship, we spend a substantial amount of time listening to you to understand what is important to your financial life.  The services offered through your relationship with Greenwood Gearhart are then tailored to your unique circumstances with the ultimate goal of providing peace of mind and fulfillment in your financial life.

We work with clients under two distinct engagements which vary depend on the client need.

Comprehensive Wealth Management

$1 million minimum investment with the firm.

  • Appropriate for clients with a $1 million - $10 million net worth who are seeking a plan for retirement and beyond.
  • This engagement starts with a series of meetings that culminate in the presentation of customized financial plan.
  • Within this plan we provide a list of recommendations tailored to address your financial needs and lay out a path toward achieving your goals.  Most plans take 10-20 work hours for our financial professionals to prepare.
  • This offering also includes full public market (equity and fixed income) investment management services as well as alternative investments where appropriate.
  • Clients receive ongoing advice, monitoring, and follow-through from the Greenwood Gearhart team of professionals as well as periodic check-ins and full-scale investment reporting.
  • In addition, clients receive access to a firm relationship manager and teams dedicated to client service, investments, and other ancillary services.

Multi-Family Office

$5 million minimum with the firm.

  • Appropriate for clients with a $10 million+ net worth who may or may not have professional staff in-house to advise them.
  • In addition to the Comprehensive Wealth Management services listed above, more complex client needs often require full coordination across all elements of a clients financial life, including:
    • Outside Investments
    • Accounting Services
    • Estate Planning Services
    • Legacy Planning
    • Philanthropy
    • Financial Concierge
  • Other needs may be more focused on central savings, investing and risk management strategies.  Our job is to identify which model best suits prospective client needs and make recommendations based on those needs.
  • This offering provides oversight over every aspect of a client’s financial life and is akin to having a dedicated family COO/CFO/CIO team.

Greenwood Gearhart is a comprehensive wealth management firm that provides highly customized financial planning and investment management solutions to a select number of families. To do this right, we spend the time and resources required to distinctly identify client needs and meet those needs in a manner tailored to each client’s unique circumstances.  Some of the investment solutions we utilize require clients to meet certain minimum qualifications (Accredited Investor, Qualified Client and/or Qualified Purchaser). As such, our firm has a minimum investment requirement of $1 million.