May 2023: Monthly Market Moment

May 10, 2023

Thanks for tuning in to our Monthly Market Moment for May. Financial markets continue to be choppy, as a confluence of a slowing economy, changing monetary policy, and banking sector fears drive volatility. Nevertheless, we’ve seen a healthy bounce from year-end levels due in large part to a decline in […]

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March 2023: Monthly Market Moment

March 16, 2023

Brock: Hello and welcome back for our Market Moment for the month of March. I’d like to spend a few moments to touch on the events of the last week in the banking sector. As we noted in our Monday email distribution, we are monitoring these events very closely. The […]

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February 2023: Monthly Market Moment

February 13, 2023

Since you last heard from us in our Quarterly Commentary, markets have continued to move higher, buoyed by the belief that inflation is finally falling, and that the economy may indeed achieve a ‘soft landing’ needed to avoid recession. While the verdict is certainly still out on this, recent economic […]

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February 2023: SECURE Act 2.0 Key Provisions Summary

February 9, 2023

With the new year in full swing, we wanted to provide you a few insights related to the recent passage of the SECURE Act 2.0 in December 2022. Nearly 3 years to the day after the passing of its predecessor, the SECURE Act, this recent spending bill includes much-anticipated and long-awaited […]

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4th Quarter 2022: Market Commentary

January 13, 2023

Greenwood Gearhart is pleased to provide you the Fourth Quarter 2022 Market Commentary. We wanted to recognize it was a difficult year for portfolios, with both equity and bond markets down on the year. This is an unusual circumstance but occurred because of a confluence of multiple interrelated factors including […]

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November 2022: Monthly Market Moment

November 21, 2022

Since our last update, markets have experienced a significant bounce, rallying approximately 10% from the October lows. After months of surprisingly high inflation data, markets finally got an inflation surprise this month in the opposite direction, with both the consumer and producer price indexes coming in softer than expected. Given […]

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Third Quarter 2022: Market Commentary

October 14, 2022

Since we last reported to you, the financial markets have continued their volatility as rising interest rates weigh on stock valuations and slow the economy. While this pullback has caused angst, it has also created opportunities for long-term investors and sown the seeds for more favorable returns going forward. We […]

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Remembering Mary Ann Greenwood: Founder of Greenwood Gearhart

September 19, 2022

IN MEMORIAM Mary Ann Greenwood 1940 – 2022 Greenwood Gearhart reflects on the rich legacy of its visionary founder Mary Ann Greenwood It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of our founder Mary Ann Greenwood. She was 82. Mary Ann was a larger-than-life presence and guiding force […]

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September 2022: Monthly Market Moment

September 15, 2022

Since our last update, the market has continued to show volatility as sentiment shifts based on new economic data. Markets are particularly focused on signs of moderation in inflation, as this largely determines the path of interest rates and thus prices for a wide variety of assets. So far, the […]

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August 2022: Monthly Market Moment

August 15, 2022

Since our June 30th quarterly commentary, the equity market has materially rallied with a variety of catalysts triggering a wave of buying. This has resulted in the market recuperating a bit under half of its losses from the June low. What remains to be seen is whether this recent bounce […]

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